Literacy 2.0

Teaching literacy and information gathering through technology

Alphabet (letters)


Phonics (sounds)


Accuracy (correct pronunciation)

  • Record students in mp3 format
  • Create podcast using aviary, garage band, or audacity.

Fluency (tone, volume, speed, emotion)

  • Have students videotape other students reading and then watch back to discuss either individually or as a class.
  • Videotape reader’s theater

Comprehension - Visualizing

  • Using a graphics program like Kid Pix, Kidspiration, to draw the scene and tell the students about their picture on the big screen.

Comprehension – Making Connections

  • Pass around a wireless keyboard to type on a projected image
  • Use Google Docs to create shared document
  • Use a blog or VoiceThread for students to write/tape small connections as comments

Comprehension – Inferring (Reading Between the Lines)

  • Still exploring: Use Diigo to place virtual sticky notes by web page with things not read, but inferred

Comprehension - Vocabulary

Comprehension – Questioning

  • Use e-mail to ask questions of the teacher, experts in the field, members of the community, school, or the author.

Comprehension – Determining Importance

  • Internet research
  • FREE online encyclopedia Britannica
  • FREE online magazine articles
  • ELM! ELM! ELM!

Comprehension - Synthesizing

  • Have students scan and narrate their own books or parts of books using voice thread or photo story

Motivating to read

  • Read e-books
  • Tumblebooks ($)
  • Googlebooks
  • Check out e-books from library
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Check out audiobooks from the library
  • Online Magazines - ELM!


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Mrs. Curtis's 3rd Grade Green Group 2010-2011
Mrs. Bailey-Aldrich's Rm 6 2010-2011