I2T2 Learning Tools
I2T2 - Instructional & Information Technology Team, ISD 279, Osseo Area Schools

Information Coaches (Library Media Specialists) and Innovation Coaches (Technology Integration Specialists) will share their favorite resources including Web 2.0 tools to engage all students in learning.

For all Change Agents - Teachers, Technology Integrationists, Teacher-Librarians, Innovative Administrators, Technology Directors.

Why are these tools important? What makes them relevant for teaching and learning in today's environment? Why should we want to learn this stuff?

Web 2.0 is often called the READ/WRITE web. No longer do we go to the web to find static information written on websites solely to read. Now we can find up-to-the-minute updates about organizations and people we know. We can write to provide information for students, parents, and our own educational community. We can write to share with the wider education community and can share and collaborate on what we are doing. More importantly, our students can read AND write. They can write in response to teacher blogs, other student blogs, or they can write their own. They can read what others have written about things of interest to them. They can write to work with other students. And no longer does only the teacher and maybe a parent read what that student is creating. The world of Web 2.0 allows a wider voice for all, teachers and students included. There's power in these tools when they are used well. Review what we have found and feel free to add your own on the Wallwisher Walls.

Please join us at http://todaysmeet.com/I2T2Learning and add your learning.

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GeekSmackdownBlue.jpgThis Learning Tools Smackdown is part of a franchise (Joyce is not so sure about that!) that Dr. Joyce Valenza created with other teacher-librarians and technology educators from across the country. The Learning Tools Smackdown has been presented at the NECC09 , AASL2009, MSET10, and ISTE10 conferences. Many generous educators have volunteered their work and resources to be passed on and shared to the next generation of learners! That's us! Please consider organizing a Smackdown in your county or state giving this same credit or provenance. In the words of Shonda Brisco, "The more we share the greater we become!"